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3 Easy Steps To Collecting a Water Sample

Collecting a water sample for the Veracet test is as easy as any conventional method for Coliform testing such as Colilert (aka Fecal Indicator Bacteria testing).

Step #1 - Select Location

Where and when to sample is as important as how to sample. With support from Veracet, you will determine the most likely locations in your watershed where contamination may be present. To assess the persistence of the contamination, it is important to sample at multiple, discrete time points (daily, monthly or seasonally, depending on the overall variation).

Step #2 - Collect Sample

Veracet will provide sample collection kits for you if you do not have your own water sampling process already. Under a clean as possible condition, collect between 100-200 ml (4-8 ounces) of surface water. If you are used to collecting for the Fecal Indicator Bacteria test, collect in the same manner. Keep the water sample cold for a maximum of 8 hours before shipping. We find the best way to preserve a sample is to filter through a 0.45 or 0.22 micron Sterivex disposable filter and freeze at -20C to -80C. More detailed information on sampling methods can be discussed when you are ready to start testing.

Step #3 - Ship Sample

Mail your samples in the provided insulated container for overnight shipping to us with provided ice packs.

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