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How fast can I get results?
2 weeks or less. Expedited service is possible.
Are your results certified?
Not at this time.
How easy is the collection process?
As easy as any at-home water test or an coliform test. No special training or equipment are required.
How often should I test my water?
For management of lakes and rivers, we recommend at least once per month.
How many types of bacteria are tested?
We detect all bacteria within a sample simultaneously. A typical lake sample could contain thousands of species.
Can you guarantee accuracy?
Though we cannot guarantee accuracy, Veracet's PhyloChip has been shown to be more accurate than traditional methods as well as other DNA-based offerings.
Can Veracet results be used
in a court?
Yes, with additional validation testing.
Are lead, metals, and PFAS tested?
No. We only test for bacteria.